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5 Unexpected Wedding Expenses

These 5 Expenses in Mind When Creating Your Wedding Budget

When creating your wedding budget there are many details to organize, making it easy for the unexpected expenses to slip your mind. Even with the best wedding budget tools, it’s difficult to account for every little thing, especially if things don’t go as planned. Before finalizing your budget, review our 5 unexpected wedding expenses to make sure you’ve got it covered.

1. Must Have – Marriage License

This is the most important item on the do-not-forget list! However, a lot of couples tend to forget they need to pay for their marriage license. The price ranges from $25 – $100, depending on your state, so be sure to check your state’s website for the exact fee. In New York the current cost of a marriage license is $35.00.

2. Pricey Postage

When planning your invitation budget, don’t forget to account for the stamps you’ll need to mail them all! That includes the stamp for the actual invitation and the stamp on the RSVP envelope (if you’re not doing RSVPs through your wedding website). If you’re using thick paper, wraps, or other add-ons that will add weight or bulk to your invitations, be sure to check with the post office to find out if you need extra postage.

3. Save Up For Stationery

You’ve likely already accounted for your invitations, save the dates, and thank you cards, but have you thought about the paper good you’ll need for the actual wedding day? Ceremony programs, menus, table numbers, framed signs, and escort cards should all be built into your stationery budget.

4. Take Time to Count Taxes, Service Fees and Tips

Taxes and service fees take us by surprise every time and, when making such large purchases, those will add up quicker than you can image. Vendors will charge different fees for different services, so be sure to read your contract carefully before committing. Also, keep in mind that service fees and tips are different! The service fee is the cost of executing a particular service, and most vendors expect a tip on top of that fee. The general tipping guideline for wedding vendors is between 15-20%, so just make sure to build that into each vendors’ total cost.

5. Oh No We’re Overtime

Despite all your best attempts to make sure everything is wrapped up and cleaned up before your allotted time ends, you should have a small reserve of money set aside just in case you go over your time. Be sure to check your contract to see how much your venue and your vendors will charge. If you absolutely can’t afford any extra time, plan your hard cut-off time to start clean-up even earlier.



Now that you’ve got your unexpected expenses accounted for, your budget should be under control! Remember, if you’re looking for a beautiful venue for your big day, contact us at O’Connell Gardens.

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