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Planning a New Years Eve Event

How to Throw a Successful New Years Eve Event

New Years Eve is a night spent with family and friends celebrating the year and remembering the good times. In the event world, the holiday season can be one of the busiest. People love to plan holiday events, especially for New Years. To ensure your New Years Eve event is the best of the year, you’ll want to plan ahead.

Below we’ll discuss how to throw a successful New Years Eve event your family and friends will never forget!

People Want to be Where Their Friends Are

More than any other night of the year, people want to celebrate New Year’s with the ones they love, and the ones they want to love. After all, who would you rather kiss at midnight? That person you’ve been eyeballing all year, or some stranger who just happens to be standing near you when the clock strikes midnight?

To ensure your guests all RSVP “Yes” to your event, give them a plus one and invite their closest friends! Even if you aren’t as close to their friends, it’s a nice gesture to include them in the celebration. The more people you invite the more will respond “Yes”, and the better your night will be! Remember it’s a new year what better time to make new friends than now!

Your biggest competition for New Year’s celebrations? Home Sweet Home

Many people prefer to hang at home on New Years Eve. To entice those homebodies out on the big night, make it easy for them with a convenient location, and good ticket price. When choosing a location, consider a local venue over the fancy city hotels. Your guests will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to travel far to be with the ones they love, and that they won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do so.

Offer Affordable Tickets

To get people off their couch and to your party, you’ll need to offer an affordable price point. People typically are forced to spent $100 or more to gain access to an event, these prices can sometimes deter people away. Keeping the price affordable at $50-$70 can be a difference of 20+ guests RSVP’ing “Yes”. If you still need extra to cover upgrades, keep a general admission ticket with the opportunity to upgrade for those who are willing to spend the extra cash.

Tickets Will Sell (After Christmas)

Most people are too busy worrying about the immediate holidays such as Christmas and Hanukah before they can even think of their New Years Plans. Don’t panic if tickets don’t sell right away, typically after Christmas is when people will start considering their New Years Eve plans. Since the majority of people choose plans based on their friends, if you lock a group in early you can expect them to bring buddies along closer to the date.


We hope this post helps you plan a successful New Years Eve event! Remember, if you’re looking for an affordable, local, elegant venue to host your holiday events contact us at O’Connell Gardens!

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