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5 Fun Halloween Party Games

5 Fun Adult Halloween Party Games

There’s no denying Halloween was meant for parties. From the costumes and candy to the thrills, chills, and squeals, this ghostly holiday is the perfect excuse to tap into your wild side, get a little crazy, and have some hair-raising fun. So if you’re looking to celebrate with your own spooky soirée, below are five party game ideas that will guarantee an eerie good time.

1. Themed Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking to instantly bring fun and adventure to your party, look no further than a themed scavenger hunt. Once you’ve scattered themed items around your venue, divide guests into teams and provide them with the list of items they’ll need to find. Whichever team finishes first can then be treated to a nice, cold adult beverage!

2. Magic Potions

Remember the game Truth or Dare? Well, this is basically the adult version. Here, you will write down questions or dares on tags and attach one to each drink. Whether it’s a cocktail, shot, beer, or mocktail, after each guest has enjoyed his or her beverage, he or she must do what the tag says!

3. Halloween BINGO

For a game that’s a bit less demanding, yet one that can be just as thrilling, why not sit down for a fun game of Halloween bingo? You can find lots of free, printable bingo cards online. Once someone has yelled “bingo,” treat the winner to a special spooky prize.

4. Halloween Charades

Looking for a game idea that will have your guests dying from laughter? Say hello to Halloween Charades! Come up with a good number of Halloween-themed clues, and write them down on tiny pieces of paper. Split your guests into two groups, and take turns with one person acting out each clue for their team. Whichever team has the most points at the end wins. From Halloween candies to scary movies, the options for clues are endless!

5. Costume Contest!

Is it really a Halloween party without a costume contest? While this technically isn’t a game, a great way to capture the creative costumes and fun memories of the night is to set disposable cameras around the venue, or even set up a DIY photo booth. From scary props to moody lighting, your guests will have an spook-tacular time saying “cheese” and posing!


We hope you and your guests enjoy these games during your Halloween soirée! Remember, if you’re a Halloween lover who’s looking to throw an event, contact us at O’Connell Gardens and ask about our Fall Special!

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