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5 Easy Ways to Save Money On Your Engagement Party

Save Money On Your Engagement Party With These 5 Tips


When you get engaged, there are so many parties and events from the moment you announce your engagement right up to your wedding day. All of this can become very expensive, despite some of it being paid for. If you have a massive budget, then this isn’t a problem for you—but for most, they will need to make tough decisions on some of their expenses. Your engagement party is one of the events that can be pricey, but doesn’t have to be.

Below we’ll discuss 5 easy ways to save some cash on your engagement party!

1. Have A Smaller Guest List For Your Engagement Party

One of the ways to save on your engagement party is to keep your guest list very minimal. Only invite your closest family and friends. This way you don’t end up with 250 guests, and it makes your party more special because you know that the guests are people who truly mean a lot to you. Fewer people means you don’t need as big of a venue, and there will also be fewer people to feed.

2. Don’t Spend Like It’s Your Wedding Day

It’s not your wedding just yet! You can cut corners on certain things like alcohol. By limiting the variety of liquor you have or by having a more simple menu with your catering service, you can scale back the budget. Remember, just because your food isn’t as fancy doesn’t mean it isn’t just as delicious!

3. Get Creative With Your Engagement Party Decorations

Instead of buying all of your decorations, you’ll be able to save money if you make some of them. It’s going to be some extra work for you, but in the end, you’ll see the difference in your bank account. This is a great time to recruit a few friends and have them help you out. Also, keep in mind: for your centerpieces, instead of having a variety of flowers, try and stick with something simple like one or two different types.

4. Be Creative With Your Invites

For your engagement party invitations, consider getting creative and doing them yourself. There are plenty of invitation templates that you can find online, download and do yourself. Or, if you have a friend that’s good with Photoshop, you could always try and negotiate with them to help you out on the invitations. There’s no need to spend hundreds on engagement party invites.

5. Make A List And Prioritize

Sit down with your soon-to-be-spouse and make a list of everything that’s necessary for your engagement party. Now you can both prioritize what the most important aspects of the party are to each of you. By prioritizing the items, you’ll have a better idea of where you can allocate more of your budget and where you can cut corners and save, or even completely eliminate from your engagement party.


Good luck, and happy planning! Remember, if you’re looking for an elegant but affordable venue for your engagement event, contact us at O’Connell Gardens!

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